Taking A Look At The Whitby Real Estate Market

whitby ontario harbourWhitby, headquarters of Durham is a seaside town is located in the Durham region to the south of Ontario in Toronto. It is on the northern shores of Lake Ontario. Most of the south of Whitby is urban and a busy business center. The North is kind of rural. The name Whitby is the short form of whitteby which means white village. Whitby is characterized by a rapidly growing population and a larger population of average income earners. The town host one of Canada’s most popular academic institution. Trafalgar Castle school, a private girls boarding school. Whitby was initially a secret spy training camp during the Second World War.

The whitby community is one of the few communities in the region that is constantly been attracting real estate investors. The splendid view of Lake Ontario, has been a key factor attracting both new and accustomed buyers year after year. As at 2011, the population at Whitby stood at over one hundred thousand, and still it remains a promising market for any real estate investor.

The whitby real estate market has been on the increase in home selling especially considering Whitby is a market dominated by sellers. Prices of homes rose y up to five percent between 2012 and 2013. Every day in Whitby, a buyer is finding a dream home for themselves. A home in whitby would cost about three hundred thousand dollars or slightly above. This price is below the average price of homes in the region.

In 2012, the Whitby real estate marketing experienced almost a rise of ten percent. In fact, Whitby has a larger portion of households in the Durham region.

The lesser majority consists of immigrants at twenty percent of the total population. The population of immigrants is as follows: blacks at thirty seven percent, and the South Asians at twenty one percent. The majority of the population are English speakers but for a smaller group that communicates in French.

Transport in this beautiful town is mainly by automobiles hence the road network is quite developed. The east and west highways are the major roads. You can easily get access to the United States border as well with the crossing being a few miles away. This makes it ideal for those commuting from Durham too. Shipping ports are offered at Lake Ontario hence it is a good place for commercial shipment activities.


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